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Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon recently attend the Medical Women’s International Association Centennial Congress in Brooklyn, New York, where WiMIN was officially affiliated with this hundred-year-old international institution.

The Congress welcomed 1200 delegates from all over the world, and heard about the experiences of female doctors and their patients in many diverse communities. Topics such has harassment, bullying, cervical cancer eradication, social media use and the advantages of a diverse workforce were among the many interesting insights shared.

Our own Dr Sinéad Howley presented a poster on her work on folic acid supplementation entitled “Folic Acid in Ireland - A Public Health Failure in our Time”.

The keynote address was given by Gloria Steinem, the 85-year-old powerhouse of feminist thinking.

The life lessons that Gloria has taught her own physician, Dr Gayatri Devi, are:

  1. Plunge into adventure

  2. Adapt and stay young

  3. Mentor wholeheartedly

  4. Live the life you love or love the life you live

  5. Be a great friend

  6. Dance into the break of dawn!

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The aim of the network is to bring together women from all stages of their medical career, in all specialities and grades, to share their experiences and to learn from each other.


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The younger population of incoming specialists are increasingly likely to be female:

At the end of 2015, there were 8988 female doctors registered in Ireland, 41% of the total number of registered doctors. Counting only those doctors who graduated from Irish medical schools, the percentage of female doctors was 47%. Of doctors aged 35 or less who graduated from Irish medical schools, 62% were female, rising to 73% for those who were on the specialist register.