Welcome to WiMIN - a network for female doctors and medical students in Ireland

Thank you to everyone who joined us in SoHo Cork on Friday 4th October for our first Social Event!

Fifty women signed up to attend, and we had a great mix of students, trainees, consultants and GPs.

We would love to see similar events happen all around the country, so if you would like to organise something for your local medical community, let us know!

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The aim of the network is to bring together women from all stages of their medical career, in all specialities and grades, to share their experiences and to learn from each other.


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The younger population of incoming specialists are increasingly likely to be female:

At the end of 2015, there were 8988 female doctors registered in Ireland, 41% of the total number of registered doctors. Counting only those doctors who graduated from Irish medical schools, the percentage of female doctors was 47%. Of doctors aged 35 or less who graduated from Irish medical schools, 62% were female, rising to 73% for those who were on the specialist register.