WiMIN Advent Calendar 2018


Dr Kate McGarry

Day 12


WiMIN Advent Calendar

In December 2018, WiMIN acknowledged and honoured the work of a different Irish female doctor each day on our social media pages in the lead up to Christmas.

WiMIN was founded in December 2017, when Sarah Fitzgibbon saw a similar Advent Calendar by the Medical Women’s Federation in the UK, and was inspired to ask if Irish women would be interested in something similar.

#WiMINadventcalendar 2018:

Day 1: Dr Orla Batt

Day 2: Dr Stephanie Ryan

Day 3: Dr Monica McWeeney

Day 4: Dr Mary Favier

Day 5: Dr Eileen Naughten

Day 6: Dr Nora McGarry

Day 7: Prof Moira O’Brien

Day 8: Mina Dawood

Day 9: Dr Gertrude Ronan

Day 10: Sr Dr Hilary Lyons

Day 11: Dr Trish Scanlan

Day 12: Dr Kate McGarry

Day 13: Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

Day 14: Sr Dr Lucy O’Brien

Day 15: Dr Cliona Ni Cheallaigh

Day 16: Sr Dr Maura Lynch

Day 17: Dr Emily Winifred Dickson

Day 18: Prof Rose Anne Kenny

Day 19: Shubhangi Karmakar

Day 20: Dr Kathleen Lynn

Day 21: Dr Eithne Conway Magee

Day 22: Prof Susan Smith

Day 23: Prof Louise Kenny

Day 24: All WiMIN

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